What’s the number one thing on a man’s mind? No, not that. The number one thing on a man’s mind is usually beer, an Extra Cold beer. And what if we could build a machine to make these thoughts come true?

So we set out to build a machine that could pour you an Extra Cold Castle Lite, at the speed of thought. Introducing, the Extra Cold Mind Reader: a machine powered by brainwaves that rewards a man for his ability to focus on Extra Cold Refreshment in the face of adversity.

Combining the mind reader experience with rich immersive visuals and sound in an interactive game, users must battle ‘hot’ scenarios to prove their focus is on Extra Cold. The booth installation adds to the sensory experience with interactive lighting and cold effects.

The final design encompassed a frictionless user experience, bypassing any traditional kind of interface and making the Castle Lite man the input part of our invention. By proving that the power of thought could be used within a logic system that defined our Castle Lite man’s strength and desire for his favourite beer, we accomplished an experience unlike any other.



Our philosophy around this piece was that the best user interface is no user interface. Regular inputs like buttons and dropdowns have been replaced almost completely with the user’s mind waves. The on-screen interface and booth work together as outputs to complete an immersive experience involving senses of touch, hearing, sight, sound and thought - a true first for interface design in South Africa.

The Extra Cold Mind Reader is a unique hybrid of EEG brainwave-sensing technology, touch screen interface and flash as a physical installation. EEG is the recording of brain waves along the scalp by measuring the brains spontaneous electrical activity over a short period of time. By using the EEG headset technology we are able to take these signals and give the user the ability to control their experience within The Extra Cold Mind Reader.

By measuring concentration levels over a period of time we are able to trigger a draught pour. In this sense your mind becomes an input like any other and we can use it to trigger a real world reaction, in this case the pouring of a perfect Extra Cold Castle Lite draught.

With over 100 litres of beer dispensed in one night the Extra Cold Mind Reader proved that when things get heated, the one thing on a man's mind is an Extra Cold Castle Lite. Combining the skills of experts in hardware, user interface, animation and code we were able to realise Castle Lite’s innovative vision and leave our consumers with an Extraordinary experience.